Potty Training Girls

Potty Training Charts for Girls

We have many potty training charts designed specifically for girls.

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How to Potty Train Girls

Potty training girls is easier than boys although it is not totally clear why. Most girls are potty trained by 28 months (whereas most boys are only potty trained by 30 months).

Girls do tend to develop a little sooner than boys and this is just another example. Girls are often a little more interested in hygiene and keeping clean and that could be another reason for the difference.

Out potty training plan is perfect for girls. There are a few things that are specific to girls though.

When potty training girls it is advisable to use a potty at first and not the toilet. If you do use the toilet then give them a step stool on which to place their feet. Once her feet are on the floor her pelvic muscles will be more relaxed.

Teach girls to wipe themselves carefully from front to back.