Potty Training Boys

Potty Training Charts for Boys

We have many potty training charts designed specifically for little boys!

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How to Potty Train Boys

Our potty training plan is perfect for boys but take into account that potty training boys takes a little longer than it does for girls. Boys are usually developmentally ready a few months later than girls are. Whereas most girls are potty trained by 28 months, most boys are only potty trained by 30 months. The difference isn’t huge but it should be taken into account.

In the beginning boys should sit on the potty to urinate as well. Some boys insist on standing since they see their siblings or father doing this. In that case, allow them to do so but you will not want to use the potty since the chances of them aiming inside the potty are not very good! Try to find a very stable stool that can be placed near the toilet. It is important that they feel steady when aiming. If your child does not feel confident standing on a stool then try and give him a bucket to use initially until he gains enough confidence. Since the opening is wider than a potty it is easier for him to aim and for you to clean afterwards!