Is your child ready to start potty training?

 Is your child ready to be potty trained?One of the most important steps of the potty training process is to determine when your child is ready – both physically and emotionally.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics most children are not physically ready until they are at least 18 months old.

Most children are both physically and emotionally ready to be potty trained from around 18 – 24 months but each child is unique and some might be ready earlier and some much later. Most boys are potty trained by 30 months and most girls by 28 months. These averages are stated simply to give you an indication. It doesn’t matter if your child is older, if her friends are potty trained or if her siblings were by her age. Each child is unique and should not be compared to others.

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Is your child ready to be potty trained?

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Disclaimer: This quiz will give you an idea if your child is ready or not. You know your child better than anyone else does and you should do what you think is right. If you think she is ready even though the quiz determines she is not then follow your heart. Remember that all kids are unique and should be!

If your child is ready you can sometimes successfully complete the process in a few days or weeks. If on the other hand she is not ready it might take very much longer. If she is not ready, it might be better to postpone the process until she is. It will save you both a lot of unnecessary frustration and stress which can be prevented if you wait until the time is right.

The signs of readiness

  • Your child can walk;
  • Your child can understand and follow basic instructions;
  • Your child seems interested in the potty, toilet or in wearing underwear instead of diapers;
  • Your child stays dry during a nap or for at least two hours during the day;
  • Your child informs you when his diaper is wet or dirty;
  • Your child is capable of pulling his pants up and down

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