Free Potty Book

potty bookFree Personalized Potty Training Book

Create your own free personalized potty training book by inserting your child’s photos, name, details and the potty related terms that your child is used to hearing.

What makes our book special?

  • Its free
  • Includes your child’s photos
  • Includes your child’s name
  • Includes photos and names of at least two people      close to your child (such as parents, siblings, grandparents or friends)
  • Terminology that you would like your child to use

Print each page of the book and fold or cut it in half. You can have the book bound or just staple it together. You can also buy transparent folders into which you can insert each page.

Some kids say pee, some say wee and others use hundreds of different words. This book enables you to use the terminology that your child feels most comfortable using. For example, if your child goes to the “potty”, “toilet” or “loo” then that is the word that will appear in your book. The pictures will not be of other children or animals but of your own child. He or she will be able to totally relate to the book which is made especially for him or her.

When I started potty training my son about six years ago I bought him a few potty books. The books always contained terminology that I was not used to using so I used to read it aloud while changing every fifth word. I also used a toilet insert and not a potty. Nearly all books related to potties and although I looked around for a book he could totally relate to I never found one. In the end, I made him his own book which he loved to read. He loved to see his own photos and to be the star of the book. He read it over and over, with me and by himself, and I am sure that is one of the things that helped potty train him so quickly.

To create the book click on each page below

Cover potty book
Page 1 potty training book
Page 2 potty training books
Page 3 potty books
Page 4 potty training
Page 5 potty book
Page 6 potty training book
Page 7  how to potty train
Page 8  how to potty train


  1. What a great idea! We will be facing this very soon so could be very useful! Thanks so much for sharing with the pin it party. Do come and join in with our next party-starts tomorrow :). Have pinned and shared.

  2. Love the personalised potty book idea. We had a book for my eldest but he became quite confused due to the different terminology used. This is fantastic!

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