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Is your child ready?

Is your child ready to start?

Take our free online test to determine if your child is physically and emotionally ready to be potty trained.

From diaper to potty

Step by Step Potty Plan

We offer a free potty training plan that will explain how to potty train step by step.

 potty training chart

Free Potty Training Charts

Providing positive reinforcement and rewards for the smaller accomplishments during the process of potty training will encourage your child to successfully complete the process.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to reward your child is with a potty training chart. It motivates kids and reminds you to keep encouraging them. All of our charts are free.

Print out a Potty Training Chart from the huge selection that we offer to help motivate and reward your child throughout the process.

  • Girls – free printable potty training charts for girls.

  • Boys – free printable potty training charts that boys will love.

  • Potty Training Charts in Letter and/or A4 format.

Each time your child is successful either give him or her a sticker or cut out and paste a star in the relevant place.

There are two kinds of Potty Charts on this site – either a blank chart or a chart with five different milestones:

1) Blank Potty Training Chart

You can give the child a sticker for each accomplishment no matter what it is or you can use different colored stickers or stars for different accomplishments. For example, letting you know that he/she needs to go, pulling down pants, urination, bowel movements, staying dry all day.

2) Potty Charts with Milestones:

These potty training charts have five different milestones and the child receives a sticker each time one of them is reached:

  • I said that I needed to use the potty
  • I pulled down my pants by myself
  • I sat on the potty
  • I used the potty
potty training chart

 Personalized Potty Charts

Add your child’s photo and your own message to a personalized potty training chart. Our potty chart maker will insert the photo of your choice and any message that you want to write to encourage and/or praise your child. There are many different personalized potty charts and they are all free!

 potty trained

Potty Awards

Award your child with a certificate for successfully using the potty or completing the potty training process. These certificates are free too!

 potty training

Free Potty Book

Create a free personalized potty book for your child. The book will get your child excited, explain what lies ahead and motivate him or her to complete the potty training process.

No cartoons, pictures of animals or other children that he/she might not be able to relate to. This book is all about your child, with his/her photo, name and details.

The book shows her what she will be doing during potty training and how proud she will feel. You can also use the terminology that your child is familiar with.

How long does it take to potty train a child?

It depends on the child and the child’s readiness at the beginning of the process. The process can take from three days to a year. It really depends on the child. Each child is unique and should advance at her own pace. Nobody goes to school with a diaper. Be patient!